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Loyaltek Group drives financial innovation across platforms. From Paynovate to Fintronik and ExoSpend, we embody efficiency, security, and excellence. Your trust, our commitment.
Loyaltek’s enterprise grade financial systems
Fintronik card issuing
Paynovate banking system

Values deep rooted in our DNA

Client-Centric Approach

Prioritizing client needs and feedback, we evolve constantly, ensuring our financial solutions remain relevant and reliable.

Absolute Transparency

Ensuring every transaction and process is open for scrutiny, reinforcing trust and clarity in our financial dealings.

Data Sanctity

Recognizing the sacred nature of client data, we uphold rigorous standards to ensure it's kept confidential and secure.

Ethical Practices

Our commitment to fairness and honesty underlines every decision, ensuring integrity in every financial interaction.

Continuous Oversight

Regular audits and checks guarantee the upkeep of our high standards, ensuring unyielding trust in our system.

Obvious yet proven process

The Simplified Path to Financial Mastery


10 min
Create your account and invite your team members.

Customize Controls

15 min
Setup spending profiles, limits, and preferences, ensuring alignment with your organization's vision.

Monitor & Optimize

Track expenses in real-time, assess trends, and refine budgeting strategies proactively.

Numbers that speak for themself

€ monthly volume
corporate cards issued
€ monthly remittance
financial services expertise
Loyaltek's statistics reveal unwavering excellence. With vast transactions, satisfied clients, and global reach, we embody financial innovation and trustworthiness in every endeavor.

Elevate Your Corporate Expense Management

Leverage the ExoSpend platform to revolutionize your corporate card management, fostering trust and efficiency in your financial operations.
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